The failed governmental nutritional guidelines stubbornly persist. It is therefore down to the low-carb community to continue its push for guideline reform and increased awareness. So I can contribute to this push, I am offering a 25% discount on all low-carb projects. So if your website is low-carb but low-tech, I can help!

Many people come to me with a website that’s not working, out of date and generally not fit for purpose. This is why I propose a 12 month payment plan   Website Project example Instead of £3000 upfront,the price is divided over the year at £250 per month. All domain and hosting fees are included. […]

“I want to be #1!” – So you want to show up first on Google? But why? So they click my website! I’m with you. But Getting to #1 is HARD. So give up now? Let’s break it down.   What do you want to be #1 for? If it’s for the fastest 100m sprint […]

 If you already have a WordPress website but would like to upgrade the design then I can help.   Trying to customise your own WordPress website can soon become complicated. You can change the theme and edit basic elements with only a little knowledge but you might find it isn’t enough. This is where I […]

There is a clear distinction between advertising on search engines and elsewhere. If you are searching on Google, you want something. On facebook, you are seeing what friends are up to or watching the latest cat video..   Pairing up your business advert to a google search means you are placing yourself in front of […]

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