We’re still in the early days of the internet

There’s been a lot of talk recently about prominent figures being banned from social media, including President Trump making his thoughts known.

Being online is so engrained in our daily lives that we forget it’s still relatively new. I started out on MSN Messenger typing text to school friends on dial-up but now we’re skyping our granny in Australia on our phone.

we're still in the early days of the internet

It’s clear we’re still trying to figure out how to incorporate the internet into society. Who do we ban completely? How much data do we share? Is Facebook reading my mind?

There are still huge business opportunities online.

I recently did some SEO work for a small UK fashion brand. You’d think this market is saturated and making any progress up the Google rankings would be fruitless without a large budget. Instead, with some careful planning, we were able to make significant inroads in just a short period of time.

Furthermore, if you have an original idea, there is a very real possibility to make it a success. Even basic SEO can be enough and many popular domain names remain unregistered.

With my websites starting at just ~300 £/€ the barrier to entry is extremely low.

What are you waiting for?

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