How a website design project is organised

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Step 1 – Brief

After reviewing your brief and requirements for the project, I provide a detailed price quotation and completion estimate.

Step 2 – Design Preview

Once terms are agreed, I produce a one page, working design preview, normally within 7 days. The purpose of which is to establish an agreed starting point as well as developing trust between both parties before any payment needs to be made.

Step 3 – 50% Payment

After the preview design is signed off, I take payment for 50% of the agreed project price.

Step 4 – Website Build

This website is then built to the full brief specifications, including all agreed features and designs.

Step 5 – Remaining 50% Payment

The work-to-date is then shared with you to view, further developing your trust in the project. At this point the remaining 50% is taken.

Step 6 – Feedback

After the project is paid for in full, we move to to the final feedback stage. Edits, adjustments and alterations are common and not charged extra provided they remain at a ‘reasonable’ level. Significant changes, additional features outside the original brief will be charged at a fixed hourly rate of €30 per hour. I reserve the right to decide when this ‘reasonable’ level is, if reached at all.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me.

New clients only, subject to my discretion on a case by case basis.

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