Blog writing

Content is king

Anyone with a website needs to be creating regular content specifically designed to engage new potential clients, illustrate expertise and build a reputation with Google. The most effective method of creating content is an online blog.

A blog is more than a blog

With our help you can turn a blog into a highly efficient marketing machine. The key components are:

  • Exceptionally researched and written copy with a tone and writing style appropriate for your brand.
  • Professional, web-optimised photos and graphics for maximum visual impact.
  • SEO optimisation to generate traffic and build your reputation with Google.
  • Sharing the content on social media with engaging posts for additional reach and reputation building.

The copy

I have teamed up with Sarah Igo at Words by Woodslea, a professional copywriter, to give you the highest quality content for your blog posts. Sarah has an MA from Manchester University along with 15 years practical experience. She has created content for major hotel chains, private medical facilities, life coaches, financial planners, estate agents and more. She thrives on variety and lives and breathes the written word.

The package

The idea of our blog writing package is to include everything you need, leaving you to focus on your day-to-day business knowing all your marketing fundamentals are covered.

Each of our blog posts includes:

  • 500 - 800 words of professionally written copy.
  • Up to 5 x high-quality images.
  • Converted to html code and added to your website.
  • SEO optimisation for Google.
  • 2 x scheduled posts to Facebook & Instagram on your behalf.
  • 1 x Google Web story (if using WordPress).
  • Performance and web traffic analysis via Google Analytics.

Blog post frequency

Choose a schedule that suits you, with no minimum commitment.

  • One blog post per month is sufficient to make modest traffic, SEO ranking and social media progress.
  • Two blog posts per month is a good balance of performance and investment.
  • Four blog posts per month is the optimal frequency to maximise your website traffic and social media engagement.

1 x Blog Post / pm

~ €/£ 250 pm

  • 500 - 800 total words.
  • Up to 5 high-quality images.
  • Added to your website.
  • SEO optimisation.
  • 2 posts to Facebook & Instagram.
  • 1 x Google Web story.
  • Google Analytics tracking.

2 x Blog Posts / pm

~ €/£ 500 pm

  • 1000 - 1600 total words.
  • Up to 10 x high-quality images.
  • Added to your website.
  • SEO optimisation.
  • 4 posts to Facebook & Instagram.
  • 2 x Google Web stories.
  • Google Analytics tracking.

4 x Blog Posts / pm

~ €/£ 950 pm

  • 2000 - 3200 total words.
  • Up to 20 high-quality images.
  • Added to your website.
  • SEO optimisation.
  • 8 posts to Facebook & Instagram.
  • 4 x Google Web stories.
  • Google Analytics tracking.

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