Monthly Marketing Package

Monthly marketing package

Keep on top of all your marketing needs with a bespoke monthly service.

I offer a monthly service to businesses who wish to invest consistently in their marketing tools. Choose the number of hours per month you would like, the services to include and agree a fixed price.


Website Design

Website Design

Bespoke, professional quality design for your website

As behaviour and technology continue to change an online presence is no longer optional. Most businesses are already up and running. Websites provide contact information, showcase your work, outline your services and act as your 24/7 365 days a year shop window.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics Service

One off or monthly reports on your website performance

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to answer key questions about your website performance and how they affect your business. Where do my customers live? Who spends the most? Key insights provide opportunities to increase your revenue.


Google AdWords

Google AdWords Management

Search engine advertising for all budgets

Google Adwords puts your business in front of people showing interest in the specific products and services you offer. Whether they search on Google or visit a topical website, an advert is displayed connecting them to your website, phone number or local shop.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Service

Get your website found on Google, Bing & more

Your shiny new website looks great, but can anyone find it? Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the technical term for pushing your website up the search results. Appearing nearer the top means more views, clicks and potential customers.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Connect and cultivate client relationships

The popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter present an range of opportunities. Have a following built and communicate directly with them. Reach new audiences with engaging profiles and content to drive more calls and sales.


Brand Design

Brand Design Service

Create a memorable identity and stand out

Branding is an opportunity to create a good first impression. It is used to convey your business values, services and experience. Immediately make a lasting impact and give people the confidence to become customers with a polished digital image.


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