What is OMAD and why am I doing it

So if you don’t know already, it’s not just web design and marketing I’m a nerd with. I’ll hack and experiment with anything to find a better way. That includes diet and health.

After injuring my back 3 years ago, because my bones we’re like swiss cheese (I have the x-rays to prove it), I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of diet.

omad one meal a day diet

Vegetarian (craved steak too much by month 9), Ketogenic Diet (worked pretty well, bit gassy tho) and the latest Carnivore (sounds insane but it’s been amazing).

As well as what you eat, you can change when you eat.

Intermittent fasting is where you condense the number of hours in the day you eat down to a narrow window. Some people fast for multiple days, the record is 385!

OMAD or one-meal-a-day is my latest trial. It is exactly that. You eat one meal per day and fast the rest of the time. Even the CEO of Twitter does it.

Physically there’s more fat loss but still keeping strength in the gym. Mentally is the biggest difference, when you and your stomach know there’s no food until 5pm, your ability to focus on other things is heightened.

The first week took discipline to maintain but now in week 3 it is effortless. The longer I do it the more I can eat in one sitting so the total daily calorie amount just depends on whether you want to gain, maintain or lose weight.

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