The benefits of search engine advertising

There is a clear distinction between advertising on search engines and elsewhere. If you are searching on Google, you want something. On facebook, you are seeing what friends are up to or watching the latest cat video..


Pairing up your business advert to a google search means you are placing yourself in front of the very people actively looking for what you offer. Showing up in someone’s Facebook feed means you are seen but not necessarily by interested people.

Let’s think of an example. So you are a plumber who covers the Manchester area. Someone searches on Google for “Plumber in Manchester”, that’s a potential customer for you. Wouldn’t it be handy if this person saw you?

Well they can. What a Google Ad lets you do is place your business at the top of the search results for any phrase you choose. The ad consists of your business name, what you offer, a contact number and a link to your website.

You are only charged if someone clicks your ad. The amount paid is fixed and within a set budget. No surprises.

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