People on Facebook are mean

It has been a while since I last did a Facebook Ad, I much prefer Google Ads to target people directly searching for my key phrases. Winds are changing and Facebook is eating into Google’s advertising share so I wanted to give it another try.

angry baby

The interface is much improved and as always with Facebook, there’s a creepy amount of targeting you can select from. I chose my demographics and interests then I let it run.

Initial results were good but I received a rather sarcastic comment which was puzzling. Turns out it was from another Web Designer letting me know he didn’t approve too much of my marketing strategy, thanks pal 😒.

More importantly it was clear the targeting I had chosen was not being implemented as accurately as I had thought, after all this ‘constructive feedback’ is costing me clicks.

With some deeper digging into the advertising settings, I was able to set up narrow “exclusion” categories. This ensured no more helpful feedback from mean people on Facebook.

Always make sure you are excluding your competitors from any online advertising you do.

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