Marketing for newbies

Any subject you’re not familiar with can be daunting but don’t be discouraged! These are the four fundamental areas I focus on when helping grow any business online.

1 | Your website


This is the main driver of your business and performs many important tasks. It explains what you do, communicates key information and encourages potential clients to contact you / make a booking / purchase an item.

It is vital that it is easy to use and makes a great first impression.

2 | Blogs & Social Media


The primary functions of blogs and social media posts are to inspire and encourage trust. Here you post photos, videos and client stories of your products / services to inspire others to do the same.

It should also be used as a platform to illustrate your expertise and competence in your business sector. If you are a Paris based Hotel, blog about hidden restaurants and romantic off-beat landmarks.

All of this combined promotes trust and gives the potential client confidence to commit to a booking or purchase.

3 | Traffic


So your website looks great, your social media is full of awe-inspiring photos but what are you missing? People. You need as many potential clients finding your website (rather than a competitor’s) as possible.

This is achieved by various marketing strategies including improving your ranking on google, online advertising, informative blog posts and more.

4 | Data


With Google Analytics setup on your website, you can collect very powerful information on your clients and potential clients to inform development decisions of all three previous steps. Is my website showing up high on Google? Is my advert generating enquiries or not? Which countries are producing the most clicks? Which pages are the most popular?

Answering questions like these help direct changes in your website, what you write about on social media and where to invest or save money.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

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