We would be totally lost without him

John initially came to our aid in late 2017 when we had a big backlog of digital marketing work and needed an intense effort to get back on track.

When John first agreed to help us, we struggled to find time to brief him properly but I am delighted to say he simply understood what had to be done and just got in with it. In a short period time he totally overhauled two websites, greatly reduced our Google Adwords spend and developed our social media activity beyond recognition.

John’s initial efforts greatly improved our ROI and functionality. Having got us back on an even keel by early spring, he has continued to work for us one day a week and has kept everything from our social media efforts to our Adwords campaigns totally up to date, making continuous improvements where needed. His understanding of absolutely everything we need help with, from solving website hosting problems to creating valuable reports using Analytics is very impressive and although John works for us remotely, just one day per week, he is a vital asset and greatly valued member of our team.

We never imagined we could have this type of support on such a flexible basis without paying a small fortune to a marketing agency. We would highly recommend John’s services to anyone seeking to outsource their digital needs. He is knowledgeable, proactive, efficient and totally reliable. We would be totally lost without him.

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